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...Colonel Gerald Schumacher is a retired Army Special Forces Officer. While serving in the military, he lived with, trained, and fought alongside the indigenous peoples of foreign countries, advised allied military forces, and commanded six unique U.S Army units. Now, as an author and photographer, he has traveled through Kuwait and Iraq, and the entire length of the U.S./Mexico border. RECON

  • There are only a few things in life that I can do really, really well—war is one of them.

    Wolf Weiss
  • A symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom.

    President John F. Kennedy
  • Colonel Schumacher sets the standard for explaining the day–to–day world of private contractors in Iraq.

    Major General William C. Cockerham
  • To Be a U.S. Army Green Beret by Col. Gerald Schumacher, U.S. Army retired, is written by someone who has obviously “been there—done that”.

    Army Magazine

The Works...

...Gerald Schumacher’s published works include his hard cover book on Private Military Contractors and his illustrated book on what it takes to become a Green Beret. As a photographer his books incorporate many of his own compelling images. He has appeared on television news as a military analyst, featured as a guest speaker on local and national radio, been a returning lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley International House, and a featured speaker at the Hoover Institute. Explore his portfolio…

The Author...

...Gerald has authored To Be a U.S. Army Green Beret, and A Bloody Business: America’s War Zone Contractors & the Occupation of Iraq, Zenith Press. His current book on the U.S. Border Patrol is titled, Holding the Line. It illuminates a battlefield that is largely covered up and far worse than most Americans could know. Take a look…

A Bloody Business: America's Civilian Contractors and the Occupation of Iraq

by Gerald Schumacher

A Bloody Business takes you behind the scenes and into the lives of American civilians who train Iraqi and American soldiers, drive the big rigs on Iraq's treacherous roads, teach at the Iraqi police academy, and provide security for convoys and diplomats in this hellish war zone. Who are these civilian contractors? Why do they do it? How did they get into this business of war zone contracting?

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To Be a U.S. Army Green Beret

by Gerald Schumacher

Having commanded Special Forces units, and experienced combat first hand, the author is able to provide unique perspective into the personal and professional characteristics of the men who make it though the Special Forces Qualification program.

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War Stories of the U.S. Border Patrol

by Gerald Schumacher

This is our border war. It is not a stretch to call our border with Mexico, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). It is a swath of land about fifty miles deep and eighteen hundred miles long. It is in a complete state of “chaos” every night. And every night as tens of thousands of people prepare to illegally enter the United States a severely understaffed army of U.S. Border Patrol agents heads out on patrol.

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The Analyst...

...As an example of his insight, in 2005 Schumacher laid out his perspective in the postscript to his book A Bloody Business. In summary he said about the Iraqi people, If you are not related by family, religion, sect, or tribe, you damn well had better be the highest bidder. There is no sense of nationalism. He asserted that the only likely benefactor of the conflict would be the Kurds Media Clips…

Meet Colonel Schumacher

An introduction to the “person”. A casual and candid, walk and talk insight into Gerald Schumacher’s philosophy, photography, and his personal experiences working on one of his books in Iraq.

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Vietnam Wall

In July 1997, Colonel Schumacher had the opportunity to speak at the mobile Vietnam wall. His remarks echo his determination that our nation would not repeat the mistakes of Vietnam and that the fallen had not died in vain. That was 1997. Now, after years of more war, it is evident and sad that we have once again forgotten the lessons of history.

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Blackwater in Pakistan

Schumacher is featured on Voice of America TV as they hold a panel discussion with the former head of the Pakistani Intelligence service, a female member of Pakistan’s parliament, and a New York human rights attorney. The thrust of the conversation circles around why Blackwater is in Pakistan, and the efficacy of using private military contractors as surrogate warriors.

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Photography by Schumacher

This video features a random selection of Schumacher’s photography in the areas of editorial, photojournalism, and commercial assignments. To see a more comprehensive collection of his photographic work, consider visiting his website dedicated exclusively to photography:

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Iraq's Vanishing WMD

Colonel Schumacher worked with a team of scientist to develop real time biological detection systems. CIA reports indicated that Iraq had a viable biological sprayer delivery system. After Desert Storm, five of the sprayers were recovered on the battlefield. Government agencies consistently avoided exploring any potential correlation between the locations and condition of the sprayers with the incidence of Gulf War Syndrome. Why?

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Military Analyst War Update

In the early stages of the Afghan conflict Schumacher discusses the history and current day application of the C130 as a close air support aircraft. He also reviews and projects the progress of Special Forces and the Northern Alliance as they close on major Afghan cities.

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Anthrax Threat

An examination of home grown vs weapons grade anthrax biological agents. This interview also explores the poor state of biological detection equipment as we entered into Desert Storm, the rush create a “real time” detector, and the subsequent return to business as usual following the conflict.

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The Photographer...

...Schumacher has completed hundreds of commercial photography assignments and his images have appeared around the world. His editorial and photojournalism images have been published on book covers, in magazines, and on the front page of national newspapers. His clients include Chevron Corporation, Valent USA, Washington Post, PR Newswire, and MBI Publishing. Image galleries…