Project Description

A Bloody Business

As the U.S. military shrinks, a private army is stepping into the breach. Some refer to them as mercenaries, to others they are soldiers of fortune. These Americans call themselves – contractors.

A Bloody Business takes you behind the scenes and into the lives of American civilians who train Iraqi and American soldiers, drive the big rigs on Iraq’s treacherous roads, teach at the Iraqi police academy, and provide security for convoys and diplomats in this hellish war zone. Who are these civilian contractors? Why do they do it? How did they get into this business of war zone contracting?

Travel with American private military contractors (PMC) in the heat of the Kuwait desert, through the streets of Baghdad, and down the highways in Iraq. You are sure to find the business of war zone contracting is indeed, a bloody business.

It is a long haul, but the best will become Special Forces, aka: U.S. Army Green Berets.

Published by Zenith Press