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To Be a U.S. Army Green Beret

Having commanded Special Forces units, and experienced combat first hand, the author is able to provide unique perspective into the personal and professional characteristics of the men who make it though the Special Forces Qualification program.

Reflected throughout this book are examples of the relevancy of Special Forces training to the application of skills required on actual Special Forces missions.

Learn about the thoughts and fears of students as they progress through each phase of training.

It is a long haul, but the best will become Special Forces, aka: U.S. Army Green Berets.

Published by Zenith Press

From the Back Cover:

On any given day U.S. Army Green Berets are operating as small teams in over a hundred foreign countries. They are hunting terrorists, deterring drug smugglers, clearing minefields, training foreign armies, developing resistence fighters, providing medical treatment to local villagers, and constructing bridges and buildings in remote communities. Considering their few numbers and isolation from other American military forces, they must be prepared to independently handle any emergency, or any threat that might confront them?